The future of solar roofs – Google Campus Project

An interesting story and an even more interesting product that Solvis, in cooperation with its partner Sunstyle from Switzerland, created and realized for the Google Campus in Charleston East and Bay View/US.
This project is the result of years of product development, collaboration with several partners and testing prototypes from manufacturers across Europe.
Among them, Solvis was recognized and chosen as a reliable partner.
Integrated so-called BIPV modules were created as a solution for the roof of the mentioned campus, which ultimately look like dragon scales after installation and design.
The application is twofold: they provide protection from weather conditions and enable the production of electricity.
This “solar shingle” is more durable than most standard roofing materials and more resistant to all weather conditions. The project is a major construction step forward in the future of connecting roofs and solar modules into one unit, providing a permanent roof solution. Modules are becoming a high-quality building element that follows increasing expectations in increasing energy efficiency.
The Google Campus project is currently Solvis’ biggest reference, which we are extremely proud of.