We were visited by a delegation from the City of Marrakech

We were visited by a delegation from the City of Marrakech from Morocco led by the first deputy mayor of Fatima Al-Zahra Mansouri, Mr. Mohamed El Idrissi.

The members of the delegation included Hassan Choumaiss, president of the Marrakech-Safi Chamber of Crafts, Mrs. Iflahen Fatim Ezzahra, vice-president of Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Mr. Hassan Amagroud, reporter of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Samir LAARIBY, head of the Department of Studies, Planning and Information System of the City of Marrakech, Mr. Lhoussine Ezzaouak, Head of the Department of Culture and Sports of the City of Marrakech, Mr. Moulay Tayib Snineh, Head of the Technical Department of the City of Marrakech, Mr. Mr. Mohamed Knidiri, former Minister of Education and president of the association Veliki Atlas.

The visit/working meeting was also attended by Mr. Miroslav Marković, Deputy Mayor of the Varaždin, Mrs. Slađana Miočić, head of the Administrative Department for Economic Activities and Mrs. Lana Velimirović Vukalović, Director of POU Varaždin.

The return visit of the delegation was initiated partly because of the Solar tree, a product that Solvis delivered and installed in Morocco for the purposes of the climate conference COP22/2016, which took place in Marrakech. We hope that the letter of intent on cooperation signed between the City of Varaždin and the City of Marrakech will expand and continue the current cooperation in the field of solar energy, given the great potential of Morocco in its exploitation and implementation.