For the reason of a constantly rising demand for photovoltaic modules, by buying a new production line, Solvis has increased its production capacity by 50%, which will reach 40MW or the production of 130,000 modules by the end of the calendar year

Solvis and Relatio enter into long-term cooperation agreement for 2011
Module manufacturer Solvis has entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with solar system integrator Relatio, which will see Relatio market half of Solvis’ full annual capacity in Germany during 2011 by installing Solvis modules on its roof and field projects.

Relatio is the only distributer of Solvis modules in Germany and since January has installed 2.5MWof solar projects, using Solvis technology, throughout Germany.

Solvis currently has a 25MW capacity, but is looking to increase its annual capacity to 50MW during the second half of 2011.

From 4th to 6th of May in 2011 Solvis has joined more then 1400 exhibitors and representative brand on Solarexpo, Italy’s leading trade fair for renewable energy and distributed generation.

On own exhibition area Solvis introduced product portfolio to the visitors, special products and various power range of the moduels. Solarexpo was the first international Fair Solvis participated in this year.

Solvis PV solutions were well accepted by visitors from all over the world.

Solar power plant VIP put into operation.

On Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 10:00 am, a presentation about efficient use of RES, public lighting system and environment pollution decrease was held in the County Committee Hall. Solex (Solvis daughter company) presented the pilot project “9 Steps to Energy Independence of Local Self-government Units” to the representatives of Local Self-government Units with the emphasis on sustainable power supply, the basic objectives and key aspects of energy development planning for municipalities, cities and counties and facilities in their ownership, all in order to encourage and use solar energy and protect the environment.

Apart from proposing a sustainable electrical energy supply from solar energy, the Solex company also presented the possibility of creating ideas and technical projects for solar plants as one of the basic documents being submitted when applying for a renewable energy source project in state institutions or Funds.

In order to use renewable energy sources, Varaždin county has embarked on a project of illuminating bus stop shelters in Varaždin county. This sustainable solution of (autonomous) power supply and illumination of advertising space at bus stop shelters has been created by the Solvis company.
The company has implemented this project as a pilot project by designing the autonomous photovoltaic system, creating the prototype and it has tested it under real conditions. Applying and using solar energy for illuminating bus stop shelters in Varaždin county will decrease the costs of electric energy and at the same time help protect the environment. Advertising spaces are illuminated all night long and they are not regulated by street lighting system. Environmentally speaking, it should be pointed out that GHG emissions will also be reduced.

The Croatian President, Stjepan Mesić, visited the company Solvis on September 10. He was accompanied by the county leader and the mayor. It was a part of his visit to the town of Varaždin.
Before visiting the production and the solar plant installed on the company facility, mr. Čebulc, the director of Solvis, talked to the president about the core activity of the company, its plans and projects in the field of renewable energy sources.

After the introductory words and after the president expressed his support for the alternative energy sources, he visited the production and the solar plant and said that he was pleased with what he had seen.

At the invitation of the company Solex, on August 28, the representatives of newly founded “Solar Cluster”, American Chamber from Zagreb, Foundation Henrich Böll and Terra Nova Association visited the factory Solvis which produces photovoltaic modules in the Commercial Zone …