2 Solvis solar tree are installed in Marrakesh/Morocco. Solvis solar tree in cooperation with domestic partners and under sponsorship of UNIDO are installed in purpose of the twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22).

In so called green zone Solvis solar tree will be part of many Side-Events and the largest business-focused event taking place during the annual Conference of Parties (COP22) .


The Solar tree has been installed in City of Ludbreg in cooperation of Company Solvis, Ducati and Inoxmont from Ludbreg.

Solar trees are intended to bring visibility to solar technology and to enhance the landscape and architecture they complement, usually in a commercial or public context. An objective of many solar tree installations is to promote awareness, understanding, and adoption of renewable energy.

Solvishas installed one new solar plant on the roof of company PARKOVI in Varaždin. SOLVIS modules in turn key solution for investor are used for this Roof Mounted system size

SOLVIS has installed one new solar plant on the roof of company CEDRUS in Novi Marof. SOLVIS modules are used for this Roof Mounted system size 30 kW.


SOLVIS modules have been tested for the occurrence of the Potential Induced Degradation (PID) according to the methodology specified in the IEC 62804 standard.

SOLVIS has installed one new 25,5 kW solar plant on the roof of the school Ostrog in Kastel Lucic near Split. Produced electrical energy will be used for own consumtion what makes school Ostrog first energetic independent school in Croatia.

SOLVIS has completed the installation of a 300 kW roof mounted solar power plant due to contract signed with IKEA Croatia in Zagreb last year.


Solar Slate is an autonomous company  being fully owned by RES Group, a UK-owned renewables business with worldwide activities. Solar Slate recognised Solvis as competitive producer able to produce this demanding special designing product.

Every Solar Slate product doubles as a solar panel and a roof slate.

Solar Slate’s range of roof integrated solar PV roof slate often known as a tile takes renewable energy to a new dimension.

More…   www.solarslate-ltd.com

Solvis partner company Green Tech Solutions from Egypt has installed SOLVIS modules for 2 kW off grid solar power system for a fence lighting system.


Solvis delivered PV modules for two unintegrated solar power systems in Babinec near Varaždin. Solar plants bT Solar 1 (207 kW) and bT Solar 2 (205kW) are delivered for Investor Company Cestica Sun ( in ownership company Preis Energy from Čakovec).