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SOLVIS succeeded by continuous investment into research and development.

We gathered experienced team of professionals capable of handling challenging tasks in development of new sophisticated solutions

Premium quality

100% EL testing

Made in Europe

By developing new processes within module production and designing custom made solutions, we are able to meet clients’ needs

Implementation of new technologies also requires high level of expertise in production

This allows us to implement the latest technology advances in production of our products

Tailor made modules and PV solutions

Standard modules (standard dimensions and layouts) can be further adjusted to customers demands or installation demands with features such as:

  • Increased mechanical load

    (areas with high snow load)

  • Low glare

    (Reduced glass reflection – to be used near airports)

  • Low weight module

    (for roofs with low load capacity)

  • Glass-glass modules

    (longer lasting, better bending resistance, neutral bending line for solar cells which reduces chance of cell cracks, transparent or colored)

Non-standard (tailor made) products with different shapes, sizes, material combinations, with various applications:

  • Lighting poles

    (bendable modules can be used to be wrapped around a pole, not just on top of the pole)

  • Facades

    modules to be used as facade on a building. Can be in different colors, without cells visible, integreated with complete facede panel

  • Bendable and light

    (to be used on camp trailers, boats, etc.)

  • Roof integrated

    to be used instead of traditional roof coverings

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